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Mostly good quality food, friendly and helpful staff


On the expensive side

Posted 20/01/2013 by


Another restaurant which has been on our review ”to do” list for quite a long time is Reuben’s at the One & Only Hotel.

What better than a Sunday Lunch Buffet to set us in the mood to do a new review?

We had done our research on Reuben’s menu, so we knew more-or-less what to expect.  We arrived at 12.30pm when the buffet starts.  We were seated at a nice 2 seater near the buffet.

When investigating the starter section to see what was on offer, I was quite pleased with what I saw.  It’s not a huge buffet, but what was on offer looked very nice.  Starters included Chicken liver parfait, biltong, asian seafood salad, couscous, pickled fish, etc.

All the starters we tried were absolutely delicious.  This made me really look forward to the mains.

Then onto the mains.  I was slightly disappointed with the options.  Items included Roast sirloin, Pork belly, Yorkshire pudding and Seafood curry.  The vegetable section was also very small, including baked potatoes, half gems and roasted mixed vegetables.

My mains consisted of 2 thin slices of sirloin, 1 slice of pork, 1 huge yorkshire pudding, half a gem, small potato and a few roasted mixed vegetables.

The sirloin and the pork were perfectly cooked and delicious.  Unfortunately the rest left a lot to be desired.  I adore Yorkshire pudding but this one seemed very overcooked and a little on the dark side.  I definitely didn’t enjoy it. The vegetables were average, the gems were average and so was the potato.  We were rather let down with the hot section.

The dessert selection was also on the small side, but the items we tried were delicious, so we were quite satisfied.

I noticed the menu on the website listed quite a lot of items which were not on offer on the buffet.  I was looking forward to things like rare roasted beef carpaccio, pork belly with asian coleslaw and sweet mustard, lightly smoked salmon gravadlax, salmon mousse, smoked snoek mousse from the starters.  As well as aubergine and tomato lasagne, roasted pumpkin and sweet potato bake, rosemary roasted potatoes and cauliflower gratin from the mains.  Not to mention the malva pudding, bread and butter pudding and best of all the black forrest cake.  So I must admit I was quite disappointed.  When you see items on an official menu, you really do expect them to be served, so I find this quite misleading. The menu does state: “Prices and menu items are subject to change due to fresh produce availability”.  But I am sure rosemary roasted potatoes and bread and butter pudding ingredients are not seasonal.

Service started off really well but unfortunately slipped quite a bit when our waiter seemed to disappear.  After finishing our mains and selecting our dessert, we got back to the table which had not yet been cleared.  We had to stand around awkwardly looking for our waiter.  In the end we had to call someone else to clear the table for us.  We also needed to ask for fresh cutlery several times.  Service really should be better at a 5 star hotel.

We definitely do want to go back to the One & Only (we plan on doing an accommodation review there soon) but this meal hasn’t impressed us enough to want to hurry back.  I really had expected it would.

I believe R225 is quite a high price tag for what you receive.  We both left rather disappointed.


Chicken liver parfait with red onion marmalade
Charcuterie platter
Rare roasted beef carpaccio
Pork belly, Asian coleslaw, sweet mustard
Lightly smoked salmon gravadlax, salmon mousse, smoked snoek mousse
Garden salad
Cucumber and carrot salad
Cape Malay spiced rice salad
Tomato, basil, parmesan shaving salad
Smoked paprika, caper, pimento pasta salad
Wholegrain mustard, potato salad
Gazpacho soup

Country style chicken pie
Roast chalmar sirloin
Pork belly, cider sauce
Seafood curry
Aubergine and tomato lasagne
Roasted pumpkin and sweet potato bake
Rosemary roasted potatoes
Cauliflower gratin
Cinnamon rice, Yorkshire pudding, Toad-in-the-hole
Chutneys, mustards, chili sauce, smoked tomato sauce

Crème caramel with passion fruit
Malva pudding and custard
Bread and butter pudding
Salad of seasonal fruit, lime syrup
Black Forrest cake
Pavlova, berries, chanttily cream
Plate of Cape dessert favourites
South African cheeses, preserves and home made herb crackers




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