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Manor Club Sandwich
Manor Club Sandwich
Manor Club Sandwich


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Lovely setting, good quality food


Slow, unattentive service

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Finally!  Success at the Hout Bay Manor Hotel.

On our first visit we had dinner at Pure and both the service and food was not very good (tough and chewy steak).  The second time we stopped by for cappuccino.  It was so strong and bitter that we couldn’t drink it.  The waitress told us thats just how it is, so we had to leave without having our coffee.

Third time was indeed lucky.

We stopped by for a light lunch.  We were very interested to know if the coffee would be better the second time, we both ordered filter coffee (we were too scared to try the cappuccinos again).  The coffee arrived in small (but tall) cups.  It was very strong but, after adding 4 packets of sugar, was drinkable.  Neither of us really enjoyed the coffee.

It was around 10.45am and they only started serving lunch from 12pm so we asked the waiter if it would be possible for us to order a sandwich.  Off he went and didn’t return.  At 11am we went to find him.  Another waitress had to call him.  We then placed our order for a Manor Club Sandwich (bacon, avocado, tomato, smoked chicken and basil mayonnaise) for R80.  We told the waiter we wanted to share the sandwich.

After 25 minutes our sandwich had still not arrived and we both started getting really impatient.  5 minutes after that, our waiter told us the sandwich was coming.  It eventually arrived 35 minutes after placing the order.  The waiter told us the chef apologised for the delay but it was early and none of the ingredients had been prepared.  I can fully understand that, I just wish we had been warned in the beginning, instead of making us wait for 35 minutes to find out there was going to be a delay.  Also, we were never offered or given any salt and pepper.

The sandwich itself had been cut in half and plated onto two plates and was accompanied by some hand cut chips and a small salad.  The presentation was lovely and the sandwich was absolutely delicious.  Compared to the sandwich we had at the Table Bay a few days before (review here), this one was very expensive at R80 (as opposed to R50 at Table Bay) but  this sandwich was way more tasty. So we were happy about the food, just a great pity about the service.

We want to give Pure another try and we plan on staying over at the Hout Bay Manor sometime within the next few months.  Look out for our reviews.




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