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Hilton - Fruit and Meat Section
Hilton - Fruit and Meat Section
Hilton - Fruit and Meat Section


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Small Selection, Terrible quality food

Posted 10/01/2013 by


After an unhappy stay at the Hilton (review here), we were hoping we could end the stay off well with a nice Breakfast Buffet.  Our room rate included breakfast which was nice.  Normal price for full Buffet is R165.

Breakfast is held in their restaurant, Bistro 126.

On first glance, the buffet looked on the small side – compared to other 5 Star Hotels in Cape Town.

They offered the usual fruits, cereals, nuts, juices, meats, cheeses, etc.  Everything looked ok.  But as far as the hot side goes, not that great looking.  Bacon looked very overcooked (which it was), as was the hash brown and tomato.

Not fancying anything on the hot side, we asked our waitress if we could order from the menu (like you can do at most other 5 star hotels), she said yes and brought us the menus.

I ordered the Steak and Eggs – R75 –  2 eggs, 100g steak and breakfast potatoes.

My dining partner ordered the Eggs Royal – R85 – 2 poached eggs on english muffin with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.

A few minutes after we placed the order another waitress came over and told us we’d have to pay extra.  I could have the 2 eggs but not the steak.  I couldn’t believe the Hilton was too stingy to give it’s guest 100 grams of steak.

So we cancelled the order and I then asked for 1 soft fried egg, my partner asked for an omelette.

When our orders arrived, I was quite shocked at the state of the food.  My “soft” fried egg was hard and rubbery.  The omelette was also hard and rubbery – an absolute disgrace. (Pictured below).  Bacon overcooked, hash brown overcooked, tomato overcooked, mushrooms were ok.

The breakfast was so bad (I was told the omelette was tasteless) that we only ate half and left the rest.

The cappuccinos were fine, although a little on the cool side.

The only positives I could see were a nice selection of nuts and some biltong, as well as their blueberry muffins.  The rest, incredibly disappointing!  It was good to see items labeled, although you had to tilt your head sideways to read the labels, as they were placed wrong way up.

There doesn’t appear to be anything 5 star at this hotel.  I’ve had better quality and choice breakfasts at 3 star hotels.




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