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Posted 03/01/2013 by


Loving buffets, we decided to try Cape Town Fish Market’s breakfast buffet.

The breakfast consisted of the usual, fruit, yoghurt, hot selection, toast, etc. Drinks excluded.

We ordered some filter coffee. It was dreadful!

We were very surprised to see that a lot of the serving dishes were actually empty and had not been refilled. When we pointed this out to a waitress, she said the food was coming. We waited around for quite a few minutes and finally decided to start dishing up from the options we had. When we got to the scrambled eggs, we found they were cold and rubbery. When we pointed this out as well, we were again told that the fresh eggs were coming. By this time the rest of our food was getting cold.

The bread was finished and there was no one there to help. We eventually spotted some bread behind the counter, which we hauled out and made some toast.

The eggs and other empty dishes were still not filled, so we decided we would have to go ahead and eat the already cold food on our plate.

What was described as bacon was not bacon. I don’t even think it was macon. Still unsure what it was supposed to be.

The food was cold, rubbery and bland.

Incredibly disappointing.

Whether it’s a good idea or not for a seafood restaurant to serve a breakfast buffet is still up for debate. But if you are going to approach something like that, it needs to be better managed. Refilling empty dishes is essential. As is keeping the food fresh and warm.

We will definitely not be having breakfast buffet at CTFM again until these concerns are addressed and improved upon.




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