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Rump with Baked Potato
Rump with Baked Potato
Rump with Baked Potato


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Nice venue, good service


Below average steak, Extremely expensive

Posted 13/02/2013 by


According to the Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships 2013 website (as voted for by over 4500 steak lovers), Belthazar is presently rated number 1.  So naturally one would expect an exceptionally good steak.  On top of that, if a restaurant charges R196 for a 350g rump or sirloin, they must be pretty sure they are offering steak worth that price.

Charging R196 for a 350g steak is ludicrous, but if it’s an outstanding steak, I’m all for it.


2 x 350g rump steaks – medium with house basting – R196 each.
2 x baked potatoes – R25 each

We were served a small round loaf of bread, which we rather enjoyed as we were both very hungry.

Not too much later our steaks arrived.

I took my first bite and never said a word.  A second later my dining partner took her first bite and the first words out of her mouth were “it’s terribly dry”.  Those were my thoughts exactly. We were both incredibly surprised as we were expecting exceptionally tasty steak.

The waiter came over to ask how our steaks were.  We really didn’t know what to say, so we told him it was incredibly dry.  He went to call the manager.  We took another bite to make sure and it was still dry (although it did seem to be medium, as requested). The manager came over and we told him we felt it was very dry.  I wasn’t sure if it was the house basting, the meat itself or the way it was cooked. He was incredibly professional and seemed very genuine about trying to make us happy.  He offered to cook us another steak and suggested we tried the sirloin.  I hate wasting food (he assured us it would not go to waste) but agreed to wait for them to cook us another steak.

The replacement steaks didn’t take very long to arrive.  They were slightly less dry but they were also more on the medium rare side.  They left a burnt taste in our mouths, which I found quite unpleasant.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but neither of the steaks were anywhere near tasty.  Plus, the second baked potato was tiny – I can’t believe they charge R25 for a small baked potato.

I found the service good, the manager was fabulous, the venue had a lovely atmosphere, but the food seriously overpriced and seriously below average.

Paying R221 for a tasteless, dry, 350g steak and small baked potato is seriously wrong.  This was not the expected outcome and we left incredibly disappointed.  Once bitten, twice shy – we unfortunately won’t be returning.




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