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The saying goes: “All that glitters is not gold”. But I’m pleased to say, that the glittery 5 Star African Pride Crystal Towers in Century City offers a golden Breakfast Buffet. I was starting to think that 5 Star Hotels don’t know much about offering good food and drink.

Over the December festive season (14th December 2012 until Tuesday, 8th January 2013) they are offering an extensive Breakfast Buffet which includes oysters, sushi, and a glass of Pongracz Méthode Cap Classique (sparkling wine). Breakfast is served between 6.30am to 11am and costs R225 per person.

We arrived on Wednesday morning at around 9.30am. The restaurant was completely full. We were asked to take a seat and wait for a table. Luckily we had only been sitting for 2 minutes when we were shown to a table at the back of the restaurant, which I found quite cosy.

We were offered something to drink and opted for cappuccinos. They arrived in lovely white cups and were very enjoyable.

When compared to the Breakfast Buffet at the Table Bay Hotel, Crystal Towers doesn’t have such a huge selection, but it can still be classified as a really well thought out large selection. Lovely fresh and stewed fruits, nuts, cold meats and cheeses (including salmon), snoek pate, pickled pepperdews, etc. The hot selection also had a really nice selection – scrambled eggs, various sausages, 2 kinds of bacon, rosti, etc. My friends eats a lot of omelettes and said this was the best omelette she has ever had. I ordered eggs benedict and was very happy to receive them within 5 minutes of placing the order. Perfectly made too.

I think the thing that pleased me the most is the quality of the food. There was not one item on offer which I felt was below standard. Each and every item had been cooked to perfection. Nothing looked or tasted over-cooked.

Besides the sushi, all other dishes were being replenished before completely out, so we didn’t miss out on anything. Unfortunately at around 10am when we were ready to try the sushi, it had been removed from the table. I asked someone if they were going to replace it and she said no, it was finished. A little later I asked someone else about the sushi – she went to ask the chef and came back to tell us it was finished. A little later when I saw a manager, I asked her about the sushi, she also went off to the chef and came back and told us he was busy making more and she would bring it to us when ready. By 11am (when they close), the sushi was still not ready. I find this disappointing. If you advertise sushi, make sure you have enough.

As far as service goes, the only problem we had is that they ran out of plates. I was standing waiting for a plate and it never came, so I had to eat my cold meats and cheese out of a bowl.

Our waitress, Patricia was attentive and friendly. Very pleased with her service, thanks!

Overall, a really excellent meal and service. As close to a 5 Star experience we’ve had thus far.



Crystal Towers usual breakfast buffet menu items below.


Fruit platter and poached fruit
Seasonal fruit selection
Poached dried fruit with sweet spices
Pineapple compote and pear compote
Exotic Fruit salad

Breads, pastries & toast
Sourdough, rye, multi-grain, white and brown bread
White or brown toast served with jam, marmalade, honey and butter
Selection of muffins, croissants and Danish pastries

Cereals, nuts, yoghurt & milk
Bircher muesli, Cornflakes, All Bran, Rice crispies
Low fat fruit yoghurt and fat free plain yoghurt & full cream and low fat milk
Mixed nuts

Smoked & cured fish
Smoked Franschhoek trout, Braised herring in tomato sauce

Cured meats
Parma ham, Smoked turkey, Salami, Pastrami

Cheese board & fruit konfyt
Chef’s selected farmhouse cheeses
Watermelon and fig preserves
Crackers and savoury biscuits
Selection of seasonal fruit

Hot main breakfast
Scrambled egg, crispy smoked bacon, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and rosti potatoes
Griddled pork and chicken sausages with onion and fresh herb

Fresh fruit juice selection
Freshly brewed coffee
Selection of teas




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